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Definition: Characterized by liveliness and lightheartedness.
Synonyms: perky, buoyant
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me three

humorous An expression of concurrence, agreement, or willingness to participate in addition to others. Said after someone has said "me too" (i.e., "me as well"), thus creating a pun of "too" and "two."
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Salvation Army Founder's Day

April 10 is the day on which William Booth (1829-1912), founder of the international religious and charitable movement known as The Salvation Army, was born in Nottingham, England. With the help of his wife, Catherine, he established the East London Revival Society, which soon became known as the Christian Mission and later The Salvation Army. Although Booth's birthday is observed to varying degrees at Salvation Army outposts around the world, a major celebration was held on the organization's centennial in 1965. More...
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Well, I really don't advise a woman who wants to have things her own way to get married.
Virginia Woolf
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Word Trivia

Today's topic: whirl

turbine - Came from Latin turbo, "whirl, whirling thing." More...

twirl - May be a blend of twist and whirl. More...

warble - Has the underlying notion of "whirling around"; for sounds, it took on the meaning "whirl of notes; trill." More...

whorl - A variant of whirl, it first meant "small flywheel." More...

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